About Red Oak Genetics

With over 30 years’ experience between them, Julian and Dee have built up the company over the last five years which looks to accommodate all aspects of the deer industry. From breeding pure red deer English bloodlines; working alongside zoos and safari parks around the world to conserve some of the rare and endangered deer and antelope species to helping deer farms and parks with managing or setting up herds.


Julian has worked for some of the biggest deer parks around the world including Woburn Abbey Deer Park where his interest in conservation species started to grow alongside his passion to breed remarkable deer both in body size and antler quality. His passion and dedication has led to Red Oak Genetics now being one of the prominent breeders of pure English red deer bloodlines in the U.K. whose semen is highly sort after around the world. Julian also works closely with high end retailers to ensure that deer park owners are also able to achieve high returns for venison.

Dee met Julian while completing her BSc in Animal Science and found someone equally matched in her love of deer and conservation.  Over the years Dee has put her focus into teaching people about deer and their conservation covering all ages from pre-16’s to Foundation degrees. Dee used to teach through BDFPA but now focuses on teaching individuals and home and volunteer students.  She also works alongside Julian to ensure all processes of the AI and ET programmes run smoothly. She is aiming to set up an education programme in their area which will offer support to local schools and teach students not only about caring for deer and antelope but the scientific research behind AI and ET and how it can help toward saving species; how to have a balance between farming and conservation; and the importance of ecology in a farming environment.


Their enthusiasm for good breeding genetics, conservation and willingness to incorporate scientific research has led to several different projects around the U.K. where they deal with a variety of species of deer, antelope, buffalo and sheep breeds.  With several years of working to improve their red deer genetics through AI and ET programmes; Julian and Dee are looking to take their experience and use it to help some of the more endangered species around the world.


If you are new to deer farming in the UK or wish to gain experience working with deer and antelope species, they are always only a phone call away to offer advice and services.