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About Red Oak Deer Genetics

Julian, owner of Red Oak Deer Genetics, has over 30 years’ experience working within the deer industry. Specialising in consultancy, improving genetics, fencing and nutrition advice, handling and live capture of animals, transportation of many different species of animals and birds, and achieving high returns for venison.

He is passionate about improving the genetics of exotic species using Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) and working with experienced vets across the world to improve the genetic of some of the rare and endangered deer and antelope. Julian is now one of the prominent breeders of pure English red deer bloodlines in the U.K. whose semen is highly sort after.

Julian is deer consultant for Watatunga Wildlife Reserve, and helped set up this unique reserve. Providing an area dedicated to the conservation of endangered deer, antelope and birds. Its an amazing place to visit.

Julian has moved many different species using live capture, he is highly experienced in setting up handling and transportation of a variety of different animals. Julian has developed a multi species cushion room crush, with a weigh scale, which will improve the handling of many different species.

Please contact Julian for advice or information about the range of services available. If you wish to gain experience working with deer and antelope, talk to Julian.


Julian handling a Mouflon


Oisin, valuable team member, becoming extremely useful when moving deer. 

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